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Terms & Conditions for Free Listings
All free listings have a lifetime of either the website itself, or a lifetime determined by the advertiser. It is therefore important that you cancel your listing if you no longer offer the goods or services to which it applies. We do understand that in some cases it is impossible to delist [in the case of death etc] and we do therefore ask to be notified by anyone who requests the removal of a listing. In the event of this happening, we will first establish the validity of the request before any delisting action takes place.

Listings that contain pornographic, indecent or offensive material will be removed without question, and often without notification.

Simply put, FREE really does mean FREE! At no time will the FREE listings become chargeable during the lifetime of ownership of this website. In the unlikely event that this website is sold or transferred, such sale or transfer will have the same condition imposed regarding free listings.

So what do you get?
FREE listings are quite simply a basic listing in your trade sector. An example below:

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A Premium listing [Currently
5€ a month or 50€ a year] gets you a Full listing in your Business Sector/s with the following

  • Business Logo
  • Website Address
  • eMail addresses
  • Additional Telephone Numbers/Fax numbers
  • Business Hours
  • Business Description
  • Ability to add more than one sub-category within your chosen Main Category

Your advertisement will appear within a graphical box [like the one above], placed above the FREE listings in your chosen category. You can include your Company Logo [size and format requirements apply]

If you prefer, we can create your entry for you for a small fee to cover our costs.

Page Sponsorship

If you would like to sponsor a page [this is a sub-category page only] please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this option with you. We accept a maximum of three sponsor adverts per sub-category.

If your Advert links to a website, we can provide weekly or monthly statistics relating to how many times your link has been followed. Please note that we do not collect any additional visitor information as we respect visitor privacy. Therefore we can only give you a total of the click-through count.

If you would like to know more about your website visitors, then we suggest you speak to your Internet Service Provider about a Statistics package that can be bolted onto your website. [Many ISP's already provide this free with your hosting package]

A sample of a Sponsor Advert is on the right. [Dimensions: 160 x 357 px]

We allow a maximum width of 160 pixels and a maximum height of 400 pixels. Permissible File Formats include .gif, .jpg and .png. If required, we can convert your existing file for you.
We can also design your Sponsor Advert. Please call or eMail for more details.
As a rough guide to calculate the annual cost of a Sponsor Advert, simply multiply the height by the width, and then divide by 1000. For example, the sample file on the right would be [160 x 357 / 1000] = €57.12 For a Sponsor Advert placement for two years, just multiply the annual cost by 1.7 [57.12 x 1.7] = €97.10
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